Fucus Seaweed
Fucus Seaweed



Ingredient: Fucus Serratus
May contain traces of crustaceans and shellfish

Sprinkle on top of fish and meat dishes or mix in with salads (or salad dressings), soups and stir-fries, bread mixes or whatever else captures your imagination!


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Mungo has developed a range of simple dried seaweed seasonings for those who want to incorporate seaweeds in their diet but don't have access to clean sources of fresh seaweeds themselves.  

Mungo invites you to get creative when cooking with seaweeds. Don't just think of them as an accompaniment to fish dishes because it comes out of the sea (although they do pair well together). Trust Mungo when he says:

"Seaweed goes with everything!"

Mungo is concerned about plastic pollution in the global environment, and as a producer, he is especially concerned about the increasing amount of micro-plastics found in Oceans around the world- a significant amount of which is attributable to plastic product packaging; so, to do his bit for the environment, this bag is made out of recycled wood pulp and is 100% compostable.