The Phyco Files First Post!

Mungo and team have been busy this year getting our farm tours off the ground and developing new seaweed products. Now as the winter evenings close in, this author has more time to do fun things like contemplate the role that seaweed and aquaculture have to play in the world and welcomes these dark days as an excuse to write about exciting developments being made on this subject.

The title of Mungo’s newly formed blog is, ‘The Phyco Files’, a clever play on words, thank you very much. ‘Phyco’ is a word that means ‘relating to seaweed’ and ‘files’ indicates an intention to keep a file on all things seaweed related… but phycophiles are lovers of seaweed and it is the phycophiles of the world that this blog is intended for, or, is hoping to convert you to!

If there is anything on the topic of seaweed/aquaculture that you would like me to investigate or talk about, please do let me know!

About Me

Sinead O’Brien is the creator of Mungo Murphy, and is, like Mungo, a phycophile, shellfish lover and a wrangling environmentalist.