Mungo is ably assisted by his obliging helpers in growing, collecting, drying and packaging his prized seaweed as well as growing abalone, sea cucumber, sea urchins and samphire in an integrated multitrophic aquaculture system on his farm. They work in everything from wet winds and hard hail, to soft rain and a mild breeze; to gather specimens of this wondrous weed. Even when the rocks are covered in frost and the air numbs their labouring fingers, Mungo's helpers are out there - with the rain spitting down on their heads - picking seaweed.

And they love it too. Otherwise, they would probably be doing something else.


                                                                 Sinead O'Brien

Mungo is Sinead's brain child. She gave birth to him late one night as she was trying to write a story but instead what emerged was a business idea. She was skeptical at first but after some serious thought - in a seaweed bath no less- she quickly came around. Having completed a law degree at University College Dublin and a masters degree in law at the University of Amsterdam(both of which she found to be very illuminating and enjoyable), she quickly realised that her creative spirit would surely die if she did not make quick efforts to execute some of the many and varied ideas that would plant themselves in her mind. She now delights in the fact that she can wear wellies to work and finds great enjoyment in experimenting with various algae specimens to her hearts content. But then, Sinead has always been a bit of a weirdo.


                                                                                           Kevin Moore Murphy

                                                                                           Kevin Moore Murphy

Although Kevin does share Mungo's last name, you can rest assured that the two are not related. While Mungo remains only a figment of Sinead's imagination, Kevin is in fact a real person.
Kevin's talents are many and varied. Before completing his secondary school education and embarking on an economics and politics degree at University College Dublin, he was the bass player in popular avant-garde Dublin band, 'Blind Yackety'. With them he traveled the country performing gigs in various venues and festivals for several years. But alas, the nerd within took over and eventually he succumbed to the virtual creative world that is software development. 

In addition to being a talented software developer, musician and economic and political theorist; Kevin is also a highly talented artist and it was he who brought Mungo's image to life. One could go on, but from a business perspective, being crunchy with numbers is Kevin's most useful talent. That, and his manly strength. He does fancy stuff on excel that helps to propel the business forward into the supermodern age, instead of using Sinead's hand written calculations on the back of a birthday card. Kevin hates to see hand written calculations on the back of a birthday card.


                                                                                                Cindy O'Brien

                                                                                                Cindy O'Brien

Originally from California, one day - approximately twenty years ago - Cindy found herself living on a bog in the West of Ireland and has remained there ever since. People scratch their heads and wonder, "WHY?" but it is a futile question that remains unanswered to this day.

Cindy has over 20 years of experience working in aquaculture, beginning with a B.Sc. in Marine Biology from California State University at Long Beach in 1988. She also worked for 6 years at the University of Miami’s experimental fish hatchery, where she raised different species of fish larvae i.e. yellowtail snapper, red snapper, rockhinds, redhinds, Grasbys and neon gobies for vertical migration experiments, enzyme activity analyses and re-stocking projects in Biscayne Bay.

Since landing herself in Ireland in 1996 she has patiently built up Connemara Abalone, a boutique producer of premium abalone, using only the best technology and procedures in every facet of the farm's operation.
On top of this wealth of experience, Cindy has also spent quite a number of years working at being Sinead's mother. Needless to say, those years of parenting were tough, but undoubtedly rewarding and she is pleased with the end result.

With such immense knowledge and experience, Cindy is a valuable asset to have on the team and her ability to drive on rocks and to navigate the winding and pot-holed roads of Connemara is hugely appreciated.