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mungo murphy's connemara highlights

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Explore. Taste. Discover.

It is unfair to distil the whole of Connemara into an ordered list of things to do to tick off on your travels; but life is unfair and Mungo understands that not everyone enjoys the luxury of being granted a lifetime to explore and discover new and exciting things in this beautiful region.

Mungo will be creating a list of his favourite things to do in Connemara and will be adding to it whenever it takes his fancy to do so. This list is non-exhaustive and will be added to and subject to change depending on his mood. 

Before you venture any further, you should know what kind of a guy Mungo is before you take any travel advice from him…

For starters, Mungo is a slow paced, black coffee nursing kind of a guy who can endure the great outdoors, whatever the weather, but who appreciates a bit of luxury every now and again.

Mungo also loves learning about stuff. It doesn’t really matter what kind of stuff, just so long as it’s mostly interesting. If he had to narrow his interests down for you; food, natural history and plain history would probably be his top three picks.

Mungo realises that this is kind of cheating, because everything that happened before today is, ‘technically’ history. He’s sneaky like that. 

So, if he sounds like the kind of guy you can trust to take travel tips from, then we may proceed. 

For those of you who are epicurean travelers, Mungo will save himself a great deal of time and simply share this link to the Lonely Planet's guide to "Epicurean Adventures along the Wild Atlantic Way" - it features some really excellent food experiences not just in Connemara and Galway but along the whole Wild Atlantic Way route.
Things you will need:
Mungo knows that you’re probably not a child but still, even he needs reminding sometimes to pack certain items when venturing out on a Connemara adventure - they don't call it the Wild Atlantic Way for nothing!

  •   Hiking boots /wellies / shoes / socks / pants(both kinds) that you don’t mind getting wet or mucky
  •   A spare change of shoes, socks and pants in case you destroy the above mentioned ones
  •   Layers i.e. (We get four seasons in a day out West!)
    • A t-shirt
    • A warm jumper
    • A raincoat
    • A scarf (optional)
    • A hat (optional)
  • Sun block/ UV protection (you’d be unpleasantly surprised to discover how strong the UV rays are in Ireland, even on a cloudy day)
  • Snacks to keep you going

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